Best Poultry For Eggs: 10 Breeds

Best Poultry For Eggs

About Best Poultry For Eggs, Best Poultry For Eggs, and more. Eggs are a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. The best type of poultry to raise for eggs is one that can produce many eggs throughout the year. When it comes to laying eggs, 4 factors will help determine the quality of eggs your flock will lay; their age, weight, the amount they can eat, and outside time they get.

She may not lay as many eggs if a hen is over a certain age. It’s also important to feed your chickens a well-balanced diet of layer feed. It’s a good idea to keep the hen’s weight down, so they can’t lay as many eggs. Once they stop laying, their egg production will drop off, but they can still lay a few years later.

For example, a hen starts laying eggs at about 4-5 years old. At 7 years old, she may still lay one or two eggs, but she’ll be more prone to health problems and may not be able to produce eggs anymore.

What Is The Breed Of Best Poultry For Eggs?

It’s best to raise chickens that will produce many eggs. Different breeds lay different numbers of eggs based on the breed. The Leghorn is a good choice for laying many white eggs per year.

The Leghorn doesn’t have feathers on its head, only has 2 toes instead of the normal number of 4, and has a larger breast area than other chicken breeds.

The Rhode Island Red lay’s more eggs than the Leghorn, but it isn’t easy to find a Rhode Island Red that can produce many eggs. The White Egg Laying or Wyandotte Chicken lays white eggs.

Here Are 10 Breeds Of Best Poultry For Eggs

1. Rhode Island Red

This is the most common egg-laying chicken in the United States. It weighs approximately 10 pounds and lays about 300 eggs per year.

2. Leghorn

This is a very good type of chicken for laying lots of white eggs. This breed weighs about 12-18 pounds and lays between 400-600 eggs yearly. It is one of the oldest breeds of chickens in America, making it a popular choice for backyard flocks.

3. Cornish

The Cornish is a very pretty type of chicken that lays white eggs. It weighs about 10-24 pounds and typically lays about 300 eggs yearly. Interestingly, the Cornish hen was originally brought over from England and named after the country Cornwall, not the island Cornwall.

4. Brahma

This chicken is one of the largest, weighing about 35 pounds, and tends to lay between 200-350 eggs yearly.

5. Sussex

This bird is the best for laying medium-sized eggs and weighs about 10-14 pounds. It lays about 250 eggs a year.

6. Ancona

As a general rule, this is one of the most approachable breeds of chicken to raise because it’s generally mild-mannered and not too loud or aggressive – they lay white eggs, they are smaller birds weighing between 5-8 pounds, and usually lay around 180-210 eggs per year.

7. Minorca

This is a very beautiful and colorful-looking chicken that lays white eggs. It’s medium-sized with around 10-17 pounds and typically lays around 125-200 eggs annually.

8. Jersey Giant

The Jersey Giant lays very large eggs, some of which can even be extra large. They weigh 10-20 pounds and lay around 125 eggs annually.

9. Welsummer

It’s a very old breed of chicken known for laying blue/green eggs, with an average weight of 8-12 pounds. You can expect an average of 120 eggs per year from this bird.

10. Cochin

This is a very small and petite bird that lays white eggs. It weighs around 2-6 pounds and has a life span of around 10 years. In general, it will lay between 35-75 eggs per year.

There are plenty more types of Best Poultry For Eggs, but these are some of the most popular. If you find them to be suitable for your needs, then, by all means, go ahead and choose them to raise your hens in your backyard.

Special Notes

If you decide to raise chickens, you should always have a few roosters in your flock because they help keep the hens safe from predators. You can also expect every hen to lay an egg daily if they have access to food and water.


The best type of poultry to raise for eggs is a chicken that can produce many eggs throughout its lifetime. If you buy poultry from your local farm or feed store, you can always ask them how old their chickens are and how many eggs they tend to lay.

This information about Best Poultry For Eggs will help you decide which bird you’d like to get for your backyard flock. Thank you for reading this article.