The 5 Best Grass To Plant For Cows

Best Grass To Plant For Cows

Do you know which is the best grass to plant for cows? If you are a farmer or have cattle in your house is essential for them to see the answer to this question. This is because the grass you plant on your land will be used as food for cows and other cattle.

To ensure that our animals have enough high-quality green food throughout the year, we need to know how to choose the best grass for planting for cattle. Let us look at some of the things you must consider to make an informed choice.

The five best grass to plant for cows

1. corn

This is probably the best type of yes to grow on your farm. If you want to make sure your cows get fresh and green food all the time, they will be most needed if other types of grass are less available in the winter. The best grass for planting maize for cattle is its nutritional value compared to different kinds of grass.

In addition, this type of food is very long and will attract your cattle to honey-like bees. As a result, your cattle will have no problem feeding other plants in your field. The only problem with growing corn is that you have to spend a lot of money on fertilizer.

2. Wheat

Wheat is one of the best types of grasses for planting in areas where cattle are kept. This type of feed tends to grow very tall, and as such, it can provide your livestock with sufficient nutrition all year round.

The only problem with growing wheat is that it does not grow well in hot climates. If you live in an area where summers are scorching, wheat may not be the best choice for you, as this type of breed will die once the mercury crosses a certain threshold.

3. Ryegrass

Ryegrass is a significant type of feed for cows. The good thing about this variety of grass is that it can grow in cold climates, and as such, your livestock will still have access to fresh green food all year round, even when the weather conditions are not favourable.

Another good thing about ryegrass is that it can grow very tall, and as such, your livestock will never run out of feed. The only problem you may encounter with this type of grass is that it does not bear much fruit, and so you will have to plant a number of them to provide enough green food for your cows.

4. Fescue

Fescue is an excellent type of grass to plant. What makes fescue a preferred option on many farms is that this breed will be able to grow well even under strong winds and harsh weather conditions during the winter months.

In addition, fescue can grow in both cold and hot climates alike. As such, you can be sure that your cows will have access to green feed even in the summer.

The only problem with fescue is that it can quickly become overgrown by weeds. As such, you will have to spend some time removing the unwanted species from your land before you start planting this type of grass on it.

5. Oat grass

Oat grass is perhaps one of the best types of feed which you can plant on your farm for your cows. This type of grass makes it to our list because it has an incredible ability to grow very fast.

As a result, you will not have any problems providing fresh green food for your animals during the summer months. In addition, oat grass is very rich in nutritional value, and as such, it can keep your livestock healthy for an extended time.

The only problem with planting oat grass is that you will have to wait until the plant becomes established before you start using this feed on your farm. This takes about six months after planting, which is quite a long time.


The roots of the grass can be a deciding factor for cows. For example, deep-rooted varieties are more nutritious and better protect against weeds, drought conditions or frost because they have a more extensive water storage capacity.

A healthy cow is going to produce more nutritious milk, which will result in higher quality products. We hope this article has been helpful as you consider what type of grass to plant on your farm! 

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