Beautiful Fancy Pigeons: Best 10 Breeds Info

Beautiful Fancy Pigeons Are you looking for a way to add some flair and color to your backyard while keeping a sustainable critter? Look no further.

Pigeons are one of the most popular backyard wildlife that can help you track your neighbors. These beautiful birds often visit backyards searching for food scraps, such as leftover bread and cereal, which is where humans come into play.

With the integration of humans to help feed them and make them feel at home, they will regularly come to enjoy their surroundings with you by giving them fresh gifts or treats.

If you like birds, you might be interested in learning more about their history and origins. For example, did you know that the pigeon is the most abundant bird in terms of population because they are found in nearly every part of the world?

Pigeons are also known as domestic birds and have been bred for 3,000 years. Humans have been domesticated and embraced by humans because they are easy to raise, manage, and have cheap food sources.

Which Is The Beautiful Fancy Pigeon Breed?

The most popular and beautiful fancy pigeons are the royal palm, mini doves, and white kings. In some parts of the world, you can also find various colored tamed pigeons, such as green parrots, painted doves, pied imperial pigeons, and Indian spotted doves.

The Pink Pigeon

The pink pigeon is one of the most interesting-looking birds in color. They look like they have been painted pink or red on their feathers.

Characteristics Of Beautiful Fancy Pigeons

Various characteristics make up the perfect bird to enjoy your company. For one, they come in extremely interesting shapes and sizes.

Their beautiful plumage has been noted by many experts [link]. Besides that, they are very intelligent and have been bred to be tamed by humans.

Pigeons can eat almost anything you throw on the ground, including grass, grain, and fruits. In some countries, beautiful fancy pigeons are also used for medical purposes because they are a rich blood plasma source [link].

Due to this belief, many experts performed on pigeons to extract their blood and sell it to people willing to pay.

More Info About Pigeons

If you’re interested in this article about the beautiful fancy pigeon breeds and want to know more about them, then keep reading.

We have also included a list of other species that you might enjoy to add color and variety to your backyard.

For More 10 Info About The Beautiful Fancy Pigeon Breeds And Other Species, Keep Reading Below

1. The Rose-Ringed

The rose-ringed is one of the most popular birds in terms of popularity. This bird is characterized by its bright red feathers displayed with a blue wing cover and tail cover with the same color.

The uniform appearance [link] makes them look like a ring around their neck. The rose-ringed is also known for its unique ability to mimic the sound, making them a popular choice to keep as pets.

2. The Jacobin

The Jacobin is one of the most popular breeds of pigeons globally and has been bred since ancient times [link]. It is characterized by its solid gray feathers and a black beak resembling a hawk.   

3. The Columba

The Columba is one of the most common pigeons found in the United States and has been domesticated for about 3,000 years [link].

The bird can be distinguished by its large size with a long tail and black. Like the rose-ringed pigeon, this particular breed also has a ring around its neck. However, it is usually made of yellow (canary) feathers.

4. The Carrier Pigeon

The carrier pigeon is another popular and common pigeon in the world. However, it was not domesticated until 1750, making it a relatively new breed [link].

The beautiful carrier pigeon is also one of the most known birds in terms of its size, which is not much smaller than a chicken. Besides that, its feathers are different shades of brown and can be attributed to their unique coloring.

5. The Crowned Pigeon

The crowned pigeon is a very beautiful and colorful bird native to Indonesia. It is not bred for food but its beautiful feathers, a rare color in the wild. Its feathers are black, white, and brown. However, the crown is red.

6. The Mourning Dove

The mourning dove is one of the most common pigeons in America. The bird can be distinguished by its large size and pinkish-colored beak that looks very similar to its head (crow) [link].

The doves have been domesticated for about 2,000 years in America and are still the most popular pet.

7. The Rock Pigeon

Like other breeds, the rocks have been bred for thousands of years. They are characterized by their dark gray feathers and dark red eyes [link].

Rock pigeons also have a unique ability to be raised by humans and survive on an incredible number of foods.   

8. The Coopers Pigeon

Cooper pigeons are a scarce breed of pigeons native to Africa. It is one of the most beautiful birds because of its light blue spotted feathers and unique behavior [link].

Cooper pigeons are also known for their ability to survive in extraordinary temperatures and cold regions because they can withstand high temperatures due to the color of their skin.

9. The Chilean Pigeon

The Chilean pigeon is a very rare breed with an appearance similar to that of a pheasant with dark blue feathers.

Among its unique characteristics, the Chilean pigeon has a unique shape and can be distinguished from other pigeons by its tail feathers [link].

10. The African Grey

African greys are very intelligent birds with a very colorful bodies. They have been bred for thousands of years [link] and are among the most decorated pigeons in the country and many other parts of the world. They also make excellent pets because they can be tamed easily and quickly.


Pigeons are beautiful, colorful birds that millions of people worldwide can enjoy. The list of the most interesting birds in terms of color is very long and wide.

However, if you are looking for a good bird to enjoy your company without investing more than a few cents, then the beautiful fancy pigeon breeds are the best choice.

Hopefully, this list will help you decide what kind of bird to choose when you want to enjoy your company. Thank you for reading this post about pigeons.

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