Barbari Goat: Characteristics & Best 13 Farming Benefits

About Barbari Goat, Barbari Goat is an exotic goat breed that is smaller and hardier than the standard West African Dwarf (WAD). Barbari Goat is originally from Barbari Village in Bangladesh.

Barbari Goat milk has a distinctive taste different from WAD milk, which may be due to their hybrid origins. They can produce more milk per day than WAD goats, making them a good option for high-production dairy farms. They are a good choice for farms with less grazing space. Barbari goats are also used as meat animals.

Characteristics Of Barbari Goat

* Barbari goat are very docile.

* Barbari Goat has a very small head compared to the animal’s body size.

* These Goats milk has a distinctive taste different from WAD milk, which may be due to their hybrid origins.

* These Goats can produce more milk per day than WAD goats, making them a good option for high-production dairy farms.

* These Goats are smaller in size and lighter weight compared to WAD goats.

* These Goat has a small or absent beard.

* These Goats have a higher appetite than WAD goats, making them more suitable for commercial farms.

* These Goats are less prone to ear mites than WAD goats.

* These Goats are easy to transport due to their small size and compact conformation, making them ideal for many commercial applications such as transporting animals across the country or farm work.


This Goat was developed by farmers in the village of Barbari in northern Bangladesh. The goats were selected from a family of local goats. The livestock was developed by crossbreeding local goats with imported hardy Saanen and Nubian goats.

The first Barbari goat was imported to the United Kingdom in 1999 and subsequently in the US in 2001. Although Barbari Goats have been bred primarily for milk production, they are also used as meat animals.


This Goat is used primarily as a dairy goat. They are being kept on farms specializing in show goats in the United States. They are also kept as pets by people who enjoy their docile nature and small size.

This Goats have been shown to have some resistance to diseases such as mastitis. However, they still need to be vaccinated against common viruses and bacteria that otherwise concern most goat producers.

The Quick Fact About Barbari Goat

Breed NameBarbari Goat
Alternative NamesBarbara
RegistriesARBA and FFA.
ColorsBlack, brown, white.
Udder TypeGoat with pendulous udders.


This Goat’s diet is similar to that of other dairy goats. Goats are ruminant animals, meaning they have a four-part stomach, possibly utilizing cellulose (plant fiber) and other plant material for nutrition.

They can be fed on a pasture managed for grazing or on good hay/straw, or if you keep them as a pet or as an animal for show purposes, you could feed them with a daily ration.

Farming Benefits Of Barbari Goat

1. High lactation yield.

2. Good adaptability to various climate and temperature ranges.

3. Smaller in size than standard goats, making them more compact and suitable for transport.

4. Capable of climbing steep terrain and other difficult terrains.

5. Resistance to mastitis (udder problems).

6. High tolerance to heat stress.

7. Good resistance to parasites.

8. Fertility is excellent in Barbari Goats.

9. Less prone to ear mite infestation than other goat breeds.

10. High feed efficiency and lower feed intake compared with other goat breeds leading to lower total feed cost per unit of output per day.

11. Good for crossbreeding animals for sale at the market and for the breeding progeny of goats with high milk yield and low health problems being a source of saleable stock at the end of their productive life.

12. Adaptable to confinement feeding.

13. Good adaptability to the production of milk and the other by-products of milk processing, including butter and cheese


Barbari Goat is a small goat with delicious milk, small and hardy, which helps to reduce the workload. Is Barbara Goat good for the farm? Barbari Goat can easily be chosen as a good goat breed for the farm.

This Goat is a small goat with unique characteristics like other goats. If you choose a good goat breed for the farm, Barbari Goat is the best choice for you. Thank you for reading my article.