Appenzell Goat: Best 10 Farming Benefits

About the Appenzell goat, The Appenzell goat is a breed of domestic goat originating from Appenzell Innerrhoden in Switzerland. It is one of the oldest and purest Swiss mountain goat breeds, with a population estimated at around 10,000. The Appenzell goat uses its long horns as a tool for climbing and to defend itself against predators such as wolves or bears.

This goat is a medium-sized white or cream-grey goat with black points and clear (the color of milk) markings on its face. The breed has a stocky build and a large chest.

The coat is short and dense. Adult goats weigh 35 to 50 kg (77–110 lb) on average. Most Appenzell goats stand between 90 cm (36 in) and 104 cm (41 in) at the shoulders, but some can reach 115 cm (45 in).

Appenzell goat Characteristics

  • Appenzell goats have a strong constitution and are well known for being able to climb steep, rocky hills.
  • They have long, thick wool.
  • The Appenzell goat has black and white ear tips that are usually long and pointed.
  • The Appenzell goat has a round head and small, dark eyes.
  • According to legend, the bloodlines of the Appenzell goat are believed to descend from the three daughters of Noah. They came to Switzerland with their husbands (the first being Angora sheep, followed by the Saanen goats and then the Alpine cows). Some believe that these three goats were involved in strenuous labor, which led them to take refuge in the steepest parts of the Alps for safety’s sake.


This goat is used to produce dairy products, meat, and fiber and as a pet. Appenzell Goats in America Currently, there are several hundred Appenzell goats in the United States; most are located in Colorado and Montana. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has decided to recognize the Appenzell goat as a heritage breed (of prehistoric origin).


This goat is one of the oldest and purest Swiss mountain goat breeds. The original foundation stock was believed to be descended from swiss alpine cows.

It is one of the oldest and purest Swiss mountain goat breeds. Although there have been small numbers of Appenzell goats in Switzerland for many centuries, the breed was brought to prominence in the mid-twentieth century thanks to a group of enthusiasts and breeders who took it on as a serious project.

Best 10 Farming Benefits of Appenzell goat

1. Good for kids :

The goat is highly useful for kids and can protect the kid from any nasty diseases. The Appenzell goat will be a great option if you are looking for a kid goat.

2. 100% preserve of genetic variety :

The popularity of the goat and keeping in contact with its number have played an essential role in preserving the genetic diversity of Swiss goats. So, if you plan to get a goat as a pet or a breeding stock, then you can use the Appenzell goat.

3. Great for winter :

The Swiss mountain goat is known to be one of the animals that can survive cold weather in the Alps mountains. So if you love snow and snowmen, why not get your kids some goats? These goats make great pets during the winter and are very friendly.

4. Good for milk :

The milk of the Appenzell goat is sweet and tasty. So if you like milk, this is the perfect option.

5. Good for meat:

This breed can be used as a meat animal due to its strength and agility. When it grows, these goats become very strong animals and can easily climb high rocks. So if you want a good project during the winter season, then the Appenzell goat will be a good option.

6. Good for mohair :

This goat is an excellent option to do a Mohair project. So if you want to do a Mohair project, this is the right choice.

7. Excellent for cashmere:

It is also considered one of the best breeds for its cashmere. It has many uses in the medical science and perfume industry with low temperatures and contains high-quality fibers.

8. Good for cheese :  

If you love cheese, then the Appenzell goat can be your best choice.

9. Excellent watchdogs :

These goats are very helpful in watching and barking indoors or outdoors. So if you are planning to get a home watchdog, this breed of goats will be a good choice, especially if you want to keep it as a pet or save money by buying guard dogs from the market.

10. Active :

If you love active animals or pets that like to run around the house, then the Appenzell goat can be the best choice for you.

Special Note

This is an amiable animal, considered the smallest and lightest goat in the world. So if you love active animals, this is an excellent option. So if you are planning to get a healthy pet animal, consider getting an Appenzell goat.


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