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American Sable Rabbit Cost The American Sable rabbit is one of the most popular breeds globally and comes with a hefty price tag. The average cost for this breed starts at $350 and can go up to as much as $3000.

However, if you want to have your own pet bunny, there are less expensive options such as cross-breeds or adopting from rescues instead of purchasing from pet stores that sell animals bred solely for profit.

American Sable Rabbit origin:

The American Sable Rabbit is a species of rabbit that originates in North America and can be found from Alaska to New York. These rabbits have short ears and light fur with dark markings on the tips. They are known for their fast breeding rates and high-quality pelts, which make them popular among hunters.

John James Audubon first described the American Sable Rabbit in 1851 as Lepus americanus zetlandicus or the “American Zetlandic Hare.” The name has since been changed to its current form: Lepus Arcadius zetlandicus or the “American Zetlandic Hare.” There is still some debate over this change in taxonomy, but most scientists agree it is more appropriate.

Quick Facts About American Sable Rabbit Breed:

The American Sable rabbit is a breed of domestic rabbit that was first recognized in the United States. They are described as having an “open, friendly expression” and a “gentle disposition.” Unfortunately, this breed has been bred for meat production.

 The American Sable rabbit is considered to be one of the most productive breeds for meat production purposes because they have a high feed conversion rate at 2:1, which means they eat 1 pound of food per day and produce two pounds worth of meat (that’s almost double!).  In addition to being great for growing food, this breed also does well living inside or out, making them versatile animals.

American Sable Rabbit Overview:

The American Sable Rabbit is a small, black-haired breed of rabbit with long ears and short fur. They are gentle rabbits who take well to handling. These bunnies make good pets for children or other animal lovers because they are calm animals that enjoy being held and petted.

American Sable Rabbits were first bred in the United States by crossing the French Angora with New Zealand Whites in 1964 at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. This crossbreed was then refined into the present-day American Sable Rabbit through selective breeding over ten generations of rabbits. The result is a rabbit with silky hair in many colors, including black, blue, chocolate brown, grayish blue, silver gray-white, and lilac.

How Much Do American Sable Rabbit Breed Cost?

The American Sable rabbit is a beautiful breed that has made its appearance in the United States. Originating from France, it became popular because of its unique color and type. The coat pattern consists of black fur with light brown tips on the ears and tail. It is believed to be one of the oldest breeds due to its long history of being bred for food and providing wool for clothing production.

The American Sable rabbit can be very expensive depending on whether you purchase them from a breeder or show-quality rabbits from an auction site. Be sure to do your research before making any decisions about where to buy your new companion animal.

Sable Rabbit Behaviour and Temperament:

The Sable Rabbit is a petite and slender creature with large ears that come out from the sides of its head. It has a short, velvety coat of fur, which can be black or brown, and it grows to an average size of 8 inches long. The Sable rabbit is often kept as a house pet because it is easy to care for and typically very friendly.

The sable rabbit was initially bred in France around 1885 by crossing the wild European rabbits with local breeds such as the Algerian variety to create what we know today as the Sable breed. They were once known as “the poor man’s hare”- because their meat was less expensive than other types of game.

Appearance and Varieties  of American Sable Rabbit:

The American Sable Rabbit is a medium-sized breed. They are known for their long, soft fur and calm demeanor. The appearance of the American Sable rabbit can vary depending on whether they have been explicitly bred for show or as a pet. Some examples of these variations include:

  • In terms of color, there are three primary colors that an American Sable can be (black, brown & fawn), which may also come in different shades.)
  • The ears may either stand up or droop down.
  • There may also be various types present within this breed, such as those with short hair vs. long hair (and other variations). Therefore, it is essential to research your breeder before purchase to ensure you know.

 American Sable Rabbit Coat and Color:

A coat is an essential part of your pet’s appearance. The color and length will affect how the rabbit looks in several different ways.

Your sable rabbit’s coat may be short or long, but it is always soft and thick. We’ll go over what colors are available for you to choose from as well as some helpful tips on how to take care of your American Sable Rabbit Coat.

The following paragraphs are informative about caring for your sable rabbit coat with all sorts of good information like what their coats can look like and how they should be groomed.

We also discussed that there are many different colors available which provide a lot more options when designing your personal furry friend.

How to Take Care of American Sable Rabbit:

A lot of people have questions about how to take care of a pet rabbit. The American Sable Rabbit is one such breed that can be difficult for someone unfamiliar with handling pet rabbits, so Will outline tips and tricks for caring for an American Sable Rabbit in the most efficient way possible.

In general, there are three things you should do when taking care of your rabbit: provide food, give freshwater, and clean out their litter box daily. Other than these basic tasks, here are some other facts about the American Sable Rabbit that may help you better understand them: they’re nocturnal animals (they sleep all day and play all night), they like to chew on everything around them, including furniture or electrical wires,

American Sable Rabbit Cage/ Enclosure

The American Sable is a medium-sized rabbit that originated from the United States. They are known for their gentle nature and affectionate personality.  The natural habitat of this breed is in the desert or prairie areas of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

 This breed does not do well in frigid climates as they are native to hot, dry environments where temperatures reach more than 110 degrees Fahrenheit regularly. When deciding if an American Sable would be a good pet for you based on your home environment and climate conditions, one should consider these factors.

They will discuss what type of enclosure/cage an individual should purchase for their American Sable Rabbit to thrive in its new home environment.

Bedding American Sable Rabbit:

American Sable Rabbit Cost For first-time rabbit owners, understanding how to care for your rabbit’s bedding is essential. Rabbits have a delicate respiratory system which means they are sensitive to dust and other allergens that can build up in their bedding. Therefore, you will want to find a machine washable soft material so you can easily clean it out after each use.

You will also want something durable enough, so you don’t have to worry about tears or rips during playtime with your furry friend. We’ll cover some of the best options when shopping for furr-see bunny beds.

The temperature of American Sable Rabbit:

It is essential to know the right temperature for your pet, and if you have one of these rabbits in your home, it’s crucial to learn what the temperature should be.

The American Sable Rabbit has a very low tolerance for heat, so make sure not to leave them out in direct sunlight or near an open flame because this will cause their body temperature to rise too high, leading to death.  Will teach you how best to take care of this type of rabbit.

Does American Sable Rabbit Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

Pet owners who are looking for a new pet may want to consider the American Sable Rabbit. This breed gets along well with other pets and is low maintenance.

The American Sable Rabbit is not aggressive, making it suitable for families with small children or older adults.  When this breed of rabbit feels threatened, it will run away rather than fight back as some species do . American Sable Rabbit Cost.

What to Feed Your American Sable Rabbit?

Hi, I’m Dan. Thanks for visiting my blog post on what to feed your American Sable rabbit. Rabbits are generally herbivores and can eat a variety of vegetables as well as hay, but there are some foods they should avoid. Here’s an overview of the best foods to feed your American Sable:

  • Fresh vegetables -a small amount is fine 
  • Fruit (limit to 1 piece per day) -bananas or apples only if it doesn’t have seeds in it 
  • Hay (free choice) -about 2 cups per day depending on size and activity level 
  • Water bottle (must be checked twice daily) -make sure water is fresh and changed often.

Keeping Your American Sable Rabbit Healthy:

In keeping your American Sable Rabbit Cost healthy, it is essential to know the basics about their health. They are prone to dental problems and obesity if not kept on a strict diet. Be sure that they have fresh hay for chewing, as this will help keep teeth clean. Spend some time cuddling with them daily, and you’ll both be happier.

Are American Sable Rabbits Suitable for You?

American sable rabbits are a domestic rabbit breed that is often kept as a pet. These fur-bearing house pets are known for their soft, dense fur and gentle demeanor. They can make great companions for children and adults alike. American Sable Rabbit Cost.

American Sable Rabbit Cost:

American Sable Rabbit Cost An American Sable rabbit is a crossbreed of an American Rabbit and a Black Flemish Giant. The two breeds are commonly bred together to show rabbits with large, heavy bodies that are not so tall as difficult to handle and groom.


Thank you for reading about the American Sable Rabbit Cost If you are interested in adding one to your family, please visit our website, where many rabbits are available. American Sable Rabbit Cost.

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