Acıpayam Sheep: 10+ Farming Benefit, Disease &Remedy   

Acıpayam Sheep

Acıpayam sheep is originated in Turkey; it is a white and clean animal with a gentle expression. It is one of the most regarded animals in Turkey.

The acıpayam sheep has represented “pure love” for over 2 thousand years. It has also been called “the white gold of Turkey.” in 1999, acıpayam sheep was named the symbol of Turkey.

Acıpayam sheep are found in the Cappadocia region of Turkey, primarily in Nevşehir province and surrounding areas (Aksaray Province and Kayseri Province). However, it is also a common breed in many other regions.

How To Identify Acıpayam Sheep?

Acıpayam sheep are the most prominent and most identified breed in Turkey. The head and legs of acıpayam sheep are white, and it is medium-sized, has a white face, ears, and nose.

Its body color can be yellowish or apricot. Acıpayam sheep’s salient feature is their long wool (all over the anatomy). They grow almost 10cm long in the winter season.

Acıpayam sheep are flock animals and have a reputation for being hard workers. Their wool is used for many things, such as making carpets, rugs, towels, and handicrafts in Turkey.

The hair of the sheep is used in some world areas (Turkey included) to make long, soft tights or socks.

The sheep are mostly raised by local farmers in many rural areas of Turkey.


The sheep are one of the most docile breeds and people’s favorite, and they never hurt anyone. The females especially are friendly towards humans.

But some farmers believe that male animals should be avoided because it tends to be aggressive in the summer and autumn season. Due to its gentle character, shepherds prefer this breed.

The sheep can cover large distances without getting tired due to their wool, which protects them (the wool also helps with heat dissipation). acıpayam sheep rarely need any treatment in their life.

The environment influences the behavior of acıpayam sheep they are raised in, and they become more docile when they are raised in warmer climates and become more aggressive when they are raised in colder climates. acıpayam sheep do not fear wild animals such as wolves or foxes.


The sheep can be infected with the white foot disease (nematodiasis).

The sheep do not get sick very often. What little illness they do have includes injuries to their udder and legs.

When infected with anemia, acıpayam sheep cannot produce or drink milk. They also become weak and lose weight.

Acıpayam sheep do not carry pathogens that can cause food poisoning. Acıpayam sheep do not transmit diseases like measles, swine flu, hepatitis, and tuberculosis to humans.

They can be protected if they are vaccinated against some diseases.

1. Prevention

Only young acıpayam sheep are exposed to infections, so vaccination should be given to all the sheep.

2. Treatment

Acıpayam sheep are vaccinated against diseases such as anemia and swine flu.

3. Dose

Acıpayam sheep need an annual vaccination against these diseases.

Acıpayam Sheep Need The Following Vaccinations

  • disease and disease prevention by vaccines.
  • Disease and disease prevention by injections.
  • Disease and disease prevention by drops.
  • Disease and disease protection by medicines.

For acıpayam sheep, white foot disease, anemia, and listeriosis are the most important diseases.

The sheep cannot be vaccinated against tularemia.

4. Disease Prevention

The sheep are susceptible to white foot disease (nematodiasis).this disease can be prevented by giving acıpayam sheep appropriate and regular food and water.

5. Disease Treatment

The sheep become weak when infected with nematodiasis, and they need to get vaccinated against the disease.

After getting vaccinated against nematodiasis, acıpayam sheep do not develop immunity against the disease, so they need further vaccination or liquid medicine at regular intervals.


The sheep are fed various grasses, sweet grass, corn, and hay.

The sheep are very efficient in converting feed to energy; they only need 10% of the feed.

The sheep do not require much water, and the typical bodyweight requirement is 1250g/day, which can be achieved by offering less than one liter daily.

As Pet

The sheep are easy to maintain, have a gentle character, and are a good companion for children.

The sheep are popular pets in Turkey because of their gentleness.

The sheep wool is very hard to remove. So it is not a common breed outside Turkey; sheep wool is only used to make carpets in Turkey. It takes two female animals to make one carpet.

Farming Benefit

Here Are The Best 10 Farming Benefit Of Acıpayam Sheep

1. The sheep has a medium-sized frame. It is one of the most common sheep breeds.

2. The sheep have a ball of wool that grows all over their body, including the tail and ears. It is very soft and fragrant.

3. The sheep do not shed their wool in springtime like other breeds (like Merino). Therefore, sheep can be used as breeding stock for other breeds besides acıpayam sheep.

4. The sheep do not require high maintenance and do not need special food.

5. The sheep are docile animals and are very friendly towards humans, a good companion for children.

6. The sheep can be used as a farm animal (they can be raised on farms) and a livestock animal (sheep). It is an extremely efficient animal for converting feed to energy.

7. Natural wool can also make warm clothes or socks in some places.

8. The sheep can live in all environments, from cold to hot weather.

9. The sheep are a popular breed in Turkey. They are well known for their gentleness and sensitivity towards humans.

10. The sheep do not need much space and have high fertility rates (ability to have offspring).


Here Are The Disadvantage Of Acıpayam Sheep

1. The sheep have a very high rate of mortality. It is important to keep birth and death records upon the purchase price books.

2. The sheep are not easily marketable (sold). Because these animals are docile and are used to living close to humans, they may not easily become accustomed to being in an environment with other livestock.

3. The sheep can be aggressive when they are hot. Some farmers believe that male animals should be avoided during summer.

4. The sheep are not economically efficient because of the high mortality rates in the population.

5. This breed is not recognized internationally. There are no organizations that focus on this special breed. This is why it is not circulated internationally, and therefore it is not found in pet shops or the Middle East or Asia.


Sheep wool is a good material for carpets. The sheep are a very clean breed, and they are rarely infected with diseases and parasites.

The sheep can be used in the following fields:

They are raised and slaughtered in many parts of Turkey; the meat of acıpayam sheep is considered healthy and wholesome.

The reproduction frequency in acıpayam sheep depends on the climate because it differs from place to place.

Special Considerations

The sheep wool is always abundant. It is difficult to access the wool if you want to pluck it out.

It takes two animals to make one carpet. The female acıpayam sheep are pregnant for three months and have an average of three kids.

The sheep can be raised in areas with cold or extreme weather conditions.

The sheep are sensitive to the smell of smoke; since they are a flock animal, they tend not to be compatible with other species.

However, review the full breed profile of the acıpayam sheep in the following table.

Best 10+Information

Health Problem: Nematode Infection and White Foot Disease (sometimes)

Acıpayam sheep wool is very hard to remove.

Breed NameAcıpayam Sheep
Country of OriginTurkey
Other Nameaci Payam sheep
ColorWhite, Black, and Brown
Breed PurposeWool, Meat
MeatVery Good
Climate ToleranceVaries
TemperamentCalm, Mild, Loves Kids
Lifespan10 Years or Longer

Special Notes

The sheep is a wool-bearing breed. It is noted for its gentleness and docility. The sheep are used in Turkey as breeding stock for other breeds.

The wool of the sheep is used in making carpets, rugs, or socks. The wool of the sheep is also very useful for treating burns and nits due to its anti-microbial properties.


Acıpayam sheep is a very ancient breed, and it is one of the most common breeds in Turkey.

The sheep is considered one of Turkey’s gentlest and calmest sheep breeds.

The sheep can be used as farm animals (they can be raised on farms), they are also good livestock animals (sheep).

It is not a common breed outside Turkey; acıpayam sheep wool is only used to make carpets in Turkey. It takes two female animals to make one carpet. Thanks for the reading article.

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