5 Best Bedding For Goats

Best Bedding For Goats

About Best Bedding For Goats, Goat Litter, Pet World, There are many bedding types and combinations to choose from when you have goats.

Some popular bedding types for goats are straw, sand, shavings or sawdust, composted pine bark or peat moss, and wood chips.

The important thing to remember is that if you use hay as goat bedding, it needs to be free of mold; otherwise, it could give your goats a respiratory infection.

In our guide, you can This article covers a variety of goat-friendly bedding materials, how to dispose of used bedding, and how to change the bedding in your goat pen.

By the end, you’ll have plenty of goat bedding ideas and how you can use the waste around your garden or in your compost pile. (Read Can Goats Eat Tomatoes)

What’s the Best Bedding For Goats?

Straw is a popular bedding choice. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to find. Straw contains a lot of air, which makes it aerate the manure and help to break down organic matter. It’s also soft and can be used as nesting material for the goats.

Hay is another common choice for goat owners. The same precautions about mold apply, but this type of bedding does provide more cushioning than straw.

What Should Goats Sleep On?

It’s important to provide a good bed of straw or hay for a healthy goat, but the best bedding can also be used as a feeding area. If you have excess grain, this is an ideal use.

Feed the goats on their straw or hay and then sell the straw or hay back to farmers to use as feed for horses or chickens.

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What is the warmest bedding for goats?

Goats are hardy animals and can live in a variety of climates. The smaller goats like pygmy goats and Nigerian Dwarf goats can live in colder parts of the country.

(See How to Raise Goats for Kids) Larger breeds like the Boer goat, Kikko goat and Alpine goat are bred to survive outdoor temperatures ranging from -30 to 100 degrees.

Fahrenheit or -40 to 40 degrees Celsius. Without access to shelter, straw or hay is the warmest bedding type with a thermal rating of between 2.0-2.

How Often Should Your Change Goat Bedding?

Your goats should be able to turn around in their own bedding, but if your goats are small and you don’t have enough hay to make them comfortable, then turning them in the same bedding can get them sick or even cause death.

Barns or stables should have a fresh supply of hay available every day, which can be used as a substitute for straw. Smaller goats can be turned into this area at night.

Are pine shavings safe for goats?

Pine shavings are a popular choice for pigs, dogs, cats and even horses, but they’re not recommended for goats. Pine shavings can be irritating to the respiratory tract of a goat.

The dust that is created from pine shavings can also cause respiratory issues in your goats and will stick to their skin. If you use pine, make sure it’s kiln-dried pine and not chemically treated, which could create even more harmful dust.

Do goats need bedding?

Goats do use straw and hay as bedding, but they don’t require bedding. Their bodies produce a lot of heat and will keep them warm enough without the need for additional materials.

Here are some examples of how you use used bedding when you clear your goats pen.

1. Garden Mulch:

If you don’t use your goat pen for storage, you can use it to mulch your garden. If you plant a lot of bulbs or other small plants, then this will help to keep the soil cool. You can also give an old dress or pair of pants away: The goats may enjoy chewing on them.

2. Compost:

The bedding in the goat pen can go right into the compost pile. The bedding will provide a good source of organic matter that will help to keep the soil healthy and rich.

3. Fish Ponds:

Pond owners use straw in their ponds because it floats on the water and doesn’t sink to the bottom. The straw helps to keep the pond warm and protect the fish from predators.

4. Horse Bedding:

In some areas, horse bedding can be sold to local farmers or used on goat pasture. The straw or hay will provide good cushioning for the goats, but it should first be allowed to age before you put it out for your animals.

5. Animal Bedding:

If you don’t have any extra uses for the goat bedding in your area, it can be sold at horse tack or pet stores. Although not used in every area, some people prefer to use straw or hay for their guinea pigs or rabbits.

Best Bedding For Goats

Do Goats Need Bedding?

Goats are browsers and will eat twigs, leaves, brush, bark and buds. They don’t use straw as bedding because it doesn’t give them the nutrients that they need to stay healthy. If you need to replace the straw in your goat pen, new bedding can be changed out at any time that makes sense for your schedule.


Best Bedding For Goats There are many types of bedding materials that can be used for goats. The best choices are those that are made from natural materials or those that can be recycled for your use. Thank you for reading this article about the best bedding for goats.